“Health inequit…

This is a post from Christina Jones who is doing a Study-abroad program in India. I have known her since 2006, and she was just turning 11 i think.

Studying Abroad in India: My Experience Abroad

“Health inequities are the differences in health that are not only unnecessary and avoidable, but in addition unfair and unjust.” – Margaret Whitehead

Last week in Bahraich we visited four different institutionalized health centers, a school for disabled children, an NGO, and two villages. We compared and contrasted the different hospitals as well as the two villages. The two villages we visited were the Tharu village and the Risia village. Both of these villages were different within their infrastructure. The Tharu village had establish sustainability within their community,like having more stable homes than the people in the Risia village. However both villages had a great sense of community. We also visited the services that D.E.H.A.T offered to the people in the forest. D.E.H.A.T provides children in villages a place to attend school (especially for girls that have dropped out originally or have never went) as well as a place to…

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