That’s so India! (My adventures in Udaipur)

My favorite college student has written about another great adventure. while in India. Take a look and enjoy. I am learning so much about community resources and the health system.

Studying Abroad in India: My Experience Abroad

Last week we had the opportunity to spend time in Udaipur, one of the most beautiful places in India, also known as the city of lakes. We spent a lot of time exploring the city, meeting the locals and shopping! It was kind of our ‘mini spring break’! We stayed in a beautiful hotel sitting over the lake. I was one of the lucky people in the group to have my own room within our suites. My room was a nook looking over the lakes and palaces. 381384383 Every night before sunset, we would find a good restaurant and watch the sunset while chatting about life. It was the perfect end to our day! These were the times where I would reflect on how good God has treated me. I realized that I am blessed to be here in India and all these beautiful  views and incredible knowledge I am gaining…

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