Gratitude: 50 things I am Grateful for

My friend Lisa Winkler  invited me to join in this “blog party,” where we write what we’re grateful for. The rules required we set a timer for 10 minutes and then write.  I  cheated a bit because I could not set the timer  and just write for 10 minutes. I did this in between patients.  They are in no particular order. I am grateful for :

  1. My Husband of 30 years, Leroy
  2. My children whom I am not allowed to name
  3. My mother who is the rock of our family
  4. My three sisters
  5. My handsome nephews
  6. My dear friend since medical school who taught me to be brave and keep myself open to the Universe.
  7. My wonderful colleagues
  8. For my mentors
  9. All my mentees
  10. My teachers there are too many of you to list
  11. All my patients who have allowed me the privilege to participate in your health care
  12. Meharry Medical College for admitting me into medical school
  13. All my friends who have have supported me
  14. My Yoga teachers
  15. Yoga,  for teaching me discipline and  showing me how far I can go if I try
  16. Learning to be fearless and just allowing life to happen
  17. Farmers Markets.  I love the fresh food.
  18. Meditation because  taught me to be calm and focused
  19. Being a US Citizen even though our politics is messed up
  20. Being an African American.  It has taught me resilience and how to make it against all odds
  21. Adele, who gives me goose bumps every time I hear her sing- Reminds me of listening to Phyllis Hyman, Roberta Flack and Randi Crawford
  22. Oprah and Deepak teaming up for the Meditation Challenge
  23. For PBS for giving us Downtown Abbey, Nova, Grantchester, Dr. Blake and Miss Fisher just to name a few.
  24. Star Wars
  25. Lupita Nyonga who is just beautiful in every way
  26. Viola Davis who is just amazing to watch
  27. The Obama Family for just being here
  28. President Obama who is just trying to keep it real.
  29. Donald Trump who is making us all get riled up and hopefully we will go to the polls and vote
  30. Desserts
  31. Vacations
  32. Family Reunions-All my aunts, uncles and cousins
  33. My faith
  34. Reading books
  35. Harper Lee for writing “Go Set a Watchman”
  36. Black Lives Matter – I know but it is important
  37. Shopping
  38. Movies- thank you TCM channel
  39. The Society of Teachers for Family Medcine
  40. All my residents past and present.
  41. Planned Parenthood for being there
  42. Trips to ceans
  43. sunsets
  44. Neil Degrasse Tyson who has reminded me to look up
  45. My new book group
  46. My NJIT family
  47. Learning to enjoy each moment
  48. BBQ chicken wings
  49. Chocolate
  50. Natural Hair and my new hair stylist

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