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Bridgid Wilson Medical Student Bridgid Wilson
Medical Student

This is a finalist in the 2015 STFM Blog Competition

Our first indication that my pregnancy may not be quite as smooth as we originally thought came around 6 weeks when I experienced some spotting. It was days before Christmas, and knowing that our ability to get care may be limited in the coming days, my husband, a family medicine doctor, reached out to his colleague, Dr Justin Edwards, in hopes we might get a quantitative hCG before the holiday. Not only did Dr Edwards order the tests and let us know the results as soon as they were available, but he also offered the kindest support during a time that would have been otherwise unbearably nerve-wracking. We had a good Christmas because of Dr Edwards.

A few weeks later, just when I started to feel less anxious about my pregnancy following our first little scare…

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