Empty Wagons

When we were kids, my grandmother had a saying for everything. One of the ones that seems apropos for this moment is one of my favorites. “an empty wagon makes a lot of noise”. It was always accompanied by “think before you open your mouth” or “don’t speak out of turn.” It took me a long time to grasp the meaning of these idioms. Empty wagons are “people who know very little to nothing on a subject often talk the most on the said subject,” and it also means that” people tend to talk a lot about nothing pretending all of that nothing is something.”

So, I spent all my life not wanting to be an “empty wagon” or someone who “speaks out of turn.” So, with all that’s happening, there are so many empty wagons. I especially am upset over the late orders to shelter in place by many governors putting many at risk. Who makes statements like “we really don’t know how this disease is spread’. 

I spent the past week working in the hospital. It became very apparent how easily COVID-19 can be transmitted. Also, sheltering in place is only valid if people follow the rules. I wear the N-95 mask all day at work, but to protect people when I am outside the hospital, I use a homemade mask to get around town. There are online DIY instructions for making masks, or you could just cover your face with a scarf.

My advice is to shelter in place and wear a mask.


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