Cleaning your home during a Pandemic: No Lysol or Bleach

Just before the Pandemic hit, I was so busy in the office that I did not get the opportunity to do any shopping for household cleaning products. My husband went out, and none of the products we use were available. So right now, I am living in a house without Lysol or Bleach, and I think we are okay. We went through almost all our Clorox wipes. I have been putting paper towels in the leftover liquid and extending my supply. We do have alcohol, but of course, I never mix products.  I could not find cotton swabs for over 3 weeks, so I had to cut them in half to clean my face. We did find Unscented Tide Pods. We do have a good supply of hand wipes. When I do go to my local ShopRite or Target, they are none of these products on the shelf. So, I have just resolved myself to using what I have. I tried one product, but the smell was a bit irritating, so I spray and step out and wipe later.

At work, I wash my hands so much they are shriveled. I use hand lotion after the soap and water. I spend most of So far, we are doing fine. The house is reasonably clean. I have not created any Chlorine gas fumes, and we have not had to go to the ER. The most important part of trying to prevent COVID-19 is handwashing, social distancing, and wearing a mask in public places. We have ordered food but are incredibly careful where we order from. I am a bit about where I eat, and that is a longstanding problem. I think it is from growing up in the south. I do love to eat out and enjoy a great restaurant.

Now, I am concerned. I am running out of my Swiffer Wet and Dry Mops. So, now, I must figure out my next steps. I read one article that said cleaning products may not be available until August. I know we are in the middle of a pandemic, and I hope we speed up access to cleaning products.

I do want to remind people to never mix cleaning products. Bleach and vinegar should never be mixed. Also, never mix alcohol and bleach. The effectiveness of cleaning products is not enhanced by combining them together but can generate dangerous gases and skin irritants. Drinking Bleach or Lysol does not kill COVID-19, so do not buy extra.

You just need to wash your hands, practice social distancing, and wear a mask.


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