Merry Christmas to all!!

I have been unable to write for the past few months. I had many thoughts, but I could not put them on paper because they were too harsh to express. We are a nation overcome with fear—conspiracy theories about viruses and vaccines. We are being held hostage by those too divisive to understand the need to care for us all. We have not embraced the facts: the need to vaccinate the world: we are not getting back to the old normal: we are now entering a new way of life.

Healthcare has changed, and we need to address the workforce constraints we have created by pricing out those we need and not giving them a fair chance to enter careers in medicine. In addition, medical education is too expensive, making it difficult to enter any health-related career.

Merry Christmas. We are home because my wise mother said weeks ago, do not get on the plane to come here. “ People are acting up in the airports and on the plane.” She was right. The Omicron variant has humbled us. Proving that COVID 19 is unpredictable. When we think we have won the game, it steals bases and scores, pushing it into overtime again. So, thankfully, we played it safe. I texted all my friends, talked to my best friend and called my mother. After that, I will speak with my sisters and other close family and settle into another movie.

Merry Christmas!

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